Sunday, October 26, 2008

Over weight-The known and unknown causes of overweight

Are you overweight?
Before you attempt on your weight loss program,just know what made you a over weight person.
The basic reasons for overweight be listed as follows;-

1.Calorie Intake:

You get energy for your body from the food you take.Your food consists of fat,protein and carbohydrates.You get nine calories from one gram of fat and four calories from one gram of protein or carbohydrate.The calories are burnt by your body for energy.When the calorie intake is more than,the calories burnt,the excess calorie is stored as fat.Hence you gain weight,when calorie in is more than calorie consumed by the body.

So plan your food.Find out what is your daily requirement of calories.Be calorie conscious.Avoid over eating.

2.Life style:

Your life style changed a lot because of modern technologies. Your physical labor is so much reduced,that you burn less calories than what you get from your food.So you put up weight.

Whenever possible go by walk instead of riding a car.Use staircase instead of elevator.Avoid sitting in front of TV or computer for longer time.Do some exercises
daily.Increase your physical activity.


You are likely to be overweight,if one or both of your parents are overweight.Your genes may also influence the amount of fat you store in your body.

You might be following some of the bad food habits of your parents.Just change them for good.

4.Health conditions

When there is some hormone problem in your body,such as lack of thyroid hormone,will increase your body weight.
Find out from your doctor if you have any such problem and take treatment for it.


Old age,Pregnancy etc can also result in overweight.

As you grow old,you have to reduce your food quantity so that the calorie intake is less.If you are pregnant,you can get to your normal weight after delivery.

These facts are well known facts.

But there is one unknown fact that I just came across while browsing.It is a shocking
secret to me.

Dr.Suzanne Gudakunst,the world famous lady doctor,says that we are fat and unhealthy because
we have disgusting plaque and horrible little critters living in our guts.

Can you believe it?

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